Slacking a bit

Ok, So I’ve been slacking a bit, not to mention this week has just flown by. But you know what they say about excuses…
On to the good stuff, Da Baby started pre-school! Hip-Hip-Hooray, yesterday was his first day, he went in without a hitch and came home chattering a mile a minute. He got to play on the playground, he liked his lunch,which I made,  he didn’t talk to any of the girls, which could prove to be a problem since the girls outnumber the boys 2 to 1. So he had a really good day.

While the Da Baby was off learning how not to talk to girls, I got to spend the morning running errands and such…. The best was hitting the Hospice Thrift Store and scoring a really cool suit jacket, which with luck will turn into a purse… tote…. messenger bag for me for the coming winter. (fingers crossed on that one.) A pretty green sheet which will find new life as a shower curtain for the little boys bath, (I love buttonholes, Thanks Dad!!)

Today is at Home!! Cleaning up… quality time in the craft room, getting ready for boy scouts… woo hoo. I don’t know why I thought life would slow down with the Boyz in school.

1st day…
Can you picture this…. a messenger bag
I think.
The cat who thinks she’s a dog.


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