The Friday Five.

I think I have 5…. could only be one or two. I’ve been holed up in the sewing room trying to make a box pleat valance for the kitchen window! So I have lots of pictures of the fun process and very few of anything else. (Umm, tunnel vision much?) But besides sewing, we’ve been in the swing of things at school. Eazy E is settling in and doing way better than he did in TX, it’s amazing what a no nonsense teacher can do! Nicky Baby, is Nicky Baby, but feeling his way, (with a few bumps). Da Baby is doing pretty well … and starting to talk to the little girls, 🙂 All is right and fine in my part of this little world!

1.Trapped! and for 5 seconds… quiet!

2. Look who showed to to wait with me

3. Killed the measuring tape for you!   

4. Almost done

DONE!! And it worked….he he he

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Wednesday = do the Math day

Now that I have curtains on the brain and 14.5 yards of unbleached muslin… I’m going to attempt a box pleat valance for my sink window. Figuring the math for such as been…. challenging …um fun. but I think I have it all figured, I hope! So for today a short, short post as my four hour window
cruzes by.

The paisley is for the pleat.
The figuring
and still



A Funny Thing Happened…

Sunday afternoon The Mr, says to me….. I need some tin snips and you can go them and while you’re out pick up the stuff you need to make curtains for the basement door. What??!! You want me to go to the fabric store, to make curtains?! Sweet!! Took my measurements and off I went, tin snips… check. Off to Joann’s I go… oops with a stop over at the Goodwill, cause you never know. You could score an antique table that’ll will wind up in the breakfast room, did I mention it has copper feet? No, well it does. I however don’t have pictures, Yet. (The Mr. parked his pickup next to where I have the table leaning 😦 ) So off to Joann’s feeling pretty pleased with myself… (Snicker snicker ) find the perfect material, rings, everything I need. Plug in the length I need to my handy dandy calculator… 80 x 2 (two panels) divided by 12…. 14 yards. Didn’t even blink. Then I come home thinking how cute they’re going to look… start cutting… and thought to myself, “Self you bought a LOT of material for two little panels on french doors no less.” Ummm… run back through my math… and guess what… Duh… I forgot to finish… divided by 3, for yards instead of just feet. So instead of 4 and a half yards I got all they had at 10 yards with the option of special ordering the rest of what I thought I needed! But the upside is I now have curtains on the basement doors, my sewing room doors with enough extra to make a few pillows!


The Friday Five… High Five for Friday…. It’s Friday

It’s Friday!! The end of the week…  This week has flown by, I swear just yesterday is was Tues, and it was the first day of preschool, but I guess between, school, MMA, Cub Scouts and homework the week just went! 


1. Easy E…. gotta love him when in thinking mode

2. Nicky Baby hamming for the camera

3. School, Baby!

4. Hanging in the toy box

5.  Blessed silence for 4 yes, count them 4 hours a day!!


1. 2. I do love taking the boys to eat… they get such a charge out of it… trying new things… (uh-huh… not) but we have a good time.

3. Woot Woot… School Time
4. Who knows…. but it’s a good thing he’s cute.
5. Shhhh…. hear that??                       Awww….. relaxing
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Yes, it’s true, I am a sucker. I have a problem with the word the No, (unless it’s one of the boys asking for something… then NO is not a problem 😉 ) but if you need help…. I’m your girl. 

So I got tapped at the school recruitment night, as a tiger den leader, and said I’d think about it, all the while Nicky baby, my Tiger Scout, is saying “You’ll do it, right Mom” . Yeah, maybe. Then at the meeting itself…. “We really need a Tiger Den Leader”. And wouldn’t ya know it… My mouth pops open and says…. “Yes, I’ll give it a try”, damn mouth, gets me in all sorts of trouble! However in this case I won’t be alone, a cute little Mom said she’d help. 
So congrats to Missy C… and me for being co-leaders of ours boys Tiger Den… Bless our little hearts!


Slacking a bit

Ok, So I’ve been slacking a bit, not to mention this week has just flown by. But you know what they say about excuses…
On to the good stuff, Da Baby started pre-school! Hip-Hip-Hooray, yesterday was his first day, he went in without a hitch and came home chattering a mile a minute. He got to play on the playground, he liked his lunch,which I made,  he didn’t talk to any of the girls, which could prove to be a problem since the girls outnumber the boys 2 to 1. So he had a really good day.

While the Da Baby was off learning how not to talk to girls, I got to spend the morning running errands and such…. The best was hitting the Hospice Thrift Store and scoring a really cool suit jacket, which with luck will turn into a purse… tote…. messenger bag for me for the coming winter. (fingers crossed on that one.) A pretty green sheet which will find new life as a shower curtain for the little boys bath, (I love buttonholes, Thanks Dad!!)

Today is at Home!! Cleaning up… quality time in the craft room, getting ready for boy scouts… woo hoo. I don’t know why I thought life would slow down with the Boyz in school.

1st day…
Can you picture this…. a messenger bag
I think.
The cat who thinks she’s a dog.