Tis Fri

It’s Friday once again…. Monday starts school!! So for me at least it’s the last weekend of summer, and how you may ask are we going to spend it?? Why at a big Back To School bash thrown by friends across town! I can’t wait… food, drink and a bouncy house, what more could one ask for? So today I’ll spend in the kitchen making a couple of desserts, on the list to create, some kind of light trifle and Midnight Torte Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Devil’s Food Cake Cheesecake.
But for now…. coffee and the High 5 for Friday.

1. Road Rash from crashing his scooter

2. Big Bridge over the Chesapeake Bay 

3. Play’n on the deck

4.The start of the bathroom bath mat 

5. (really) A pretty Blue moon….

1. Easy E crashed his scooter…. After “doing like 50 down the road…. but I tucked and rolled!”

2. The bridge over the Chesapeake Bay, it’s so pretty and huge!
3. A face only a mother could love! 
4. The start of the new bath mat… in all the right colors for the Little Boyz bathroom
5. The blue Moon….. I didn’t notice any blue…. but here it is! 
 photo H54F_zps6c02d9a1.png


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