Adventures in Lawn Mowing….

I spent most of Friday trying to mow our back yard… put gas in the mower, (the push mower), check the oil…. pull to start and take off…. now mind you I haven’t mowed in a couple of weeks… it’s either been raining or the boys have had something going on, or I just didn’t! But after two weeks the grass is pretty tall and kind of wet due to all the rain… so mow a few feet… kill the lawn mower… pull to start… pull to start…. pull to start…. you get the idea… mow a few more feet. Then I notice the lawn mower is kind of wet, well, so the grass…. mow a bit more, then I notice not only is the lawn mower wet but it’s turning black, hummm, run through my list, gas, oil, forget to screw the oil cap on tight, oil all over the lawn mower…. awww, what a mess!!  Clean up said mower, put more oil in….. and ta da!! Pretty yard! 

And as a reward for getting the grass mowed…. a trip to the beach!! Which was enjoyed by all, the boyz had tons of fun playing in the waves and being rolled. The Mr and I had more fun watching them, I thought it was freezing but boys will be boys!


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