All I can say is TGIF….. the Mr. is taking the weekend off, (so he says….) so this weekend will be at the Beach!! WooHoo, hopeful it warms up!! It can’t be fall already it’s only August, school hasn’t even started yet!! But 60’s or 80’s this woman is going to the beach, (everybody else is just along for the ride!)

Here we go along to the High 5…. (been more like a fair to middling 5) but enough with that!! on to the showww
1. Easy E’s Before

1. Easy’s E’s Before

2. After!

2. After… minus a few street signs

3. Stock car races!! Tons of fun in person
4. It’s been beautiful!
5. All but 1

5. Da 1

1.-2.  So we managed to get Eazy E’s room mostly done!! I need the rest of the street signs,( who knew the the sign shop could make road signs…. duh!) And few pieces of regular sheet metal. But he’s happy… I’m happy… it’s all good!!

3. We took the boyz to the stock car races they had a blast!!  I felt so bad for the racer in the 91 car…. he was lapping the other guys…. when bang! he blew his engine…. poor guy!!
4. It’s been beautiful in the neighborhood! Blue skies, puffy clouds… and in the mid 70’s!! In VA in August!!
5. Aren’t they pretty….
5. The one’s that always missing!! (working gets in the way of her traveling!!) *wink wink! 
That’s all, that’s all there is…..
  Have a great weekend!!
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Lauren Elizabeth



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