It’s a gloomy Friday this week… and I haven’t really taken to many pictures this week. Been doing a fair amount of reading, instead of…. anything else. It’s hard to get motivated in the gloom. I did manage to get Eazy E’s curtains done (Now I’m waiting on the Mr.) and I got the top part of his bedspread done!! Woot… Woot (why do I make complicated designs?) Next on the list is ….. haha Tin Snips.

Here’s my 5 for this week.. or close to it

1. Laying it all out
2. Drop Cloth Curtains 


3. Yummy!! And I don’t have to go out to get it!
4. Hot Flash Power surge Spike control

5. Ducks in the yard

1.Laying out Easy E’s bedspread, this is the final version, the one we both liked.

2. Drop cloth Curtains, love the texture they’ll bring and E loves the racing stripe.
3. Ice Coffee, by Starbucks!! On sale on less
4. Power Spikes are on the decline… thanks to these little pills!!
5. Ducks in the yard… way better than snakes in the garage….
Linking up with Lauren Elizabeth..
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and The Good Life

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