It’s Friday

Ya know that’s quite possibly the hardest part of Blogging… sometimes a title jumps at me and most times I stretch for one, so for today, it is what it is… Friday!! And time for H5FF, one of my favs to do , but also sometimes the hardest…

1 .B-Day Flowers from Brando!
2. B-Day Flowers from the Biddy Girl

3. New Messenger Bag!

4. For my Sunnies
5. Cookies!! New recipe 

So it was my B-Day this last week! Dinner out (not on Friday!)

1.& 2. Flowers from the kids
3 & 4 The new much smaller Messenger Bag! I love this shape and the fact that I can carry a small child , uh, everything I think I need plus what everybody else thinks they need. Made outta the Mr’s old jeans, the Biddy girls pockets… a painters tarp and other random scraps. What’s not to love?
5. A new cookie recipe, (that I already modified) double chocolate chip and English toffee chocolate chip. yumm…
Have a great Friday and a fantastic weekend!!   

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