Wednesdays are becoming fun again, I started thinking about what I was gonna wear today, yesterday! Hahaha, I have to say and get it outta the way, Thanks to Lindsey for inspiring me to just get dressed!! However today is easy peasy day… all the chores are done… lawn mowed …. laundry done so as for me… you’ll find me me in my craft room!! (Can I hear a yippee!), I have no idea what I’m gonna make, maybe finish the little stool, start on Nicky baby’s curtains, finish my curtains or make a new bag. It’s enough that I get the whole day…(while running rough shod on the Boyz)

Tank top… Kohl’s
Crops JCPenney

I love this outfit… it’s cool, comfortable and I think mint and white are crisp and fresh looking! Along with Kate’s Hair Tutorial….(of which I can’t seem to get a decent picture of) but it worked!! And my hair is not as long at Kate’s…. (She is a Genius!!) 
Linking up with Mrs. Lindsey!! At The Pleated Poppypleated poppy

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