Monday… Monday…. ooOOO

Sing it peoples! I bet ya did…. (I did, while typing it) So after taking the whole weekend off…. today will be the day for mowing… cleaning of the house… and the dreaded laundry. Oh well You Play… You Pay.

While the boys and I were totally blowing off this weekend we wandered round the Flea Market! And I am here to tell you it’s a cool one, still feels like a bunch of people cleaning out old barns and attics. There are a few of “Those” booths you know the ones… the ones with all the dollar store stuff, or the car audio ones. But for the most part Grandma and Grandpa’s stuff and prices to match it was so much fun to walk around and look for bargains, wheel and deal! Too much fun. Easy E had the chance to wheel and deal himself…. a little shy at first but when he got his car … and for the amount he could spend, wow!! He was sooo impressed with himself! He’s not the only one that scored….

The start of the spidey room!

The start for Easy E’s room

I have Nicky baby’s room all plotted out… I see a brick building, (complete with windows) and The Spider (himself) crouched poised to leap off (Thank you Wal-mart) the comic books are to frame and the vintage sheets…. curtains here you come.

For Easy E’s room I got 5 of the hubcaps, I see hanging on the wall, the lights maybe hanging from chains The red thing…. it’s an old gas can from the 40’s maybe 50’s Easy E and I like the color, the shape and the fact it’s an old gas can!! For the rest I see a few street signs… sheet metal… and license plates for shelves. Cars with a teeny bopper twist.  

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