I am so taking the day off today… no cleaning, well I’ve already cleaned the kitchen and I have to clean out the car out after our whirlwind trip to Northern IL, and I really should put the laundry away I did before we left… but really No cleaning… no mowing…. no cooking!! I’m declaring today a day off!! So what may you ask are you going to do?? Just hang with the boys, Plan a trip to the beach… or DC one last hurrah before school starts…. hmmm the possibilities.

On to the highs of the week….

1. Score!! $2.00 at a yard sale!! I see it in wild colors with different patterns

2. The Mr’s best shelves in the whole world!!

4. Aww the seatbelt pillows… they needed to be a touch wider, I think but everybody loved them and they worked great!

5. You really can’t tell…. but it was a huge Summer Moon!!  Just gorgeous!!

3. The summer bag, worked great for our trip and kept the boyz stuff nicely rounded up.

 photo H54F_zps6c02d9a1.png

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