Under the wire… haha it’s still Monday

I know it’s late but it’s still Monday and since I think we hit Tuesday first…. I’m good. Today kind of got away from me. But….. I got tons done and some laundry. Let’s hear a big Alleluia, the J-Boys room is done (‘cepting for a few minor tweaks ) The Mr. spent Saturday building shelves for the J-boys room… and boy did they turn out fantastic !! I love them!! I put up the last of the cars, trucks, buses, boats and planes this morning!! woo hooo… Now I can move on to the next boy room…. I’m thinking Nicky Baby! Should be a fun room to do, he has his little heart set on the Spider Man… So I’m foreseeing spider webs, red and blue.

We also have to make a run to Northern IL, so with that in mind I made the boys toy bags (thanks pinterest) to fill with their stuff for the trip and seat belt pillows, (that I hope work better than the last ones I made.) On to the pictures…. I just love pictures…. they tell the whole story.

The shelves that finish off the whole room
It’s Done!!
Book Bags… Hit the Picture to go to the great tutorial..at Ucreate!
Easy E’s
Nicky Baby

The J-Boys

Seat belt Pillows

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