It’s H5FF

It’s my weekly version of H5FF.. woo wooo, another week is marked off my calendar and we are getting closer to…. school starting… maybe some cooler temperatures,  ;oP , Christmas… naw I don’t wanna go there yet!!

This was a very productive week… 2 of the 3 boys were away at came all day! ( I can’t wait for school…. I love them, but…) So Da Baby and I had some quality time… and tons of fun. Playing in the pool and the sand box. I did get a couple of projects done and crossed off my to do list, (whew, it’s a never ending list though) The long hallway in the kitchen is done… finito….finished. And it made my very favorite project of the week!!

3.I’m going to need a new ‘tater masher

4.It’s coming together 

4.Cars and planes and trucks, Oh My

5.Hanging in the pool

So there it is my H5FF… Have a good weekend and go out to dinner tonight!! Nobody should cook on Fridays’!!

Linking up with Lauren Elizabeth, cuz she is just to cute and I love her blog!!

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