Umph….. kind of day

It’s been one of these kind  of days… I just can’t settle into anything, or feel like I can’t settle into anything which is the same thing no matter how you put it.  So today is officially umph day. I couldn’t decide what to post… I thought about going back to WSWW (what she wore Wed), but it’s to hot for anything more that shorts and a tank (cute tank, but tank nonetheless) or a review of a few things I’m trying out, but once again umph snuck up on me.

On the upside of not being able to settle (yes, I can almost always find an upside, it’s sooo annoying!) I got the J-Boys curtains done, and by curtains I mean valance… but it’s done. It didn’t turn out quite like I wanted, no box pleats, but I think they turn out how they were supposed to! The J-Boy likes ’em and I guess that what matters….

The long hallway got more work done on it… I think it need a few more things. Maybe. We will have to see. The laundry is started…. lunch is done…. the J-boy is napping….. the 2 big boys are at camp… and I think I just got hit by how to finish up the J-boys room….. ummmm. so I guess on that note I should go see if I can figure out how to put my idea into something I can do. Maybe being unsettled is a good thing.

See hot…
Done…. there are cars and trucks on the blue.

Getting there… needs something. More empty frames? Spoons??

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