Today…. And the Weekend Wrap

Woot Woot…. the house is soooooo quiet!! Martial Arts Camp started this morning…. and now the house is very, very quiet! Awww…. I can hear myself think, wow, that might not be a good thing. But for the week, at least during the day  it’ll be just the J-Boy and me!

We had a very productive weekend…  Great pizza and  a good movie (Oz the Great and Powerful) (I liked it!!) on Friday! Thanks Ludo’s, best pizza we’ve had in awhile! Saturday the Mr. worked about a half day… came home and really worked. The garage is all clean and everything is in it’s place!! We can get both cars in now!! 🙂 The boxes and such are hauled off…. it’s an amazing thing!

The long hallway in the kitchen is coming together… with an easy peasy craft. (and The Biddy’s Girls mad art skills). Here’s what I did….

Scrap lumber

washed with light blue paint

scrapbook paper letters

More scrap lumber

Biddy’s mad art skill
laying out the letters
almost done

On the skinny board I washed on a light blue paint… I had thoughts of freehanding some king of quote in yellow…. but yeah… NO. So i printed out the font I liked cut it out of the scrapbook paper I liked… modge podge it on…. Done. See couldn’t be easier.

For the second antique bronzed paint, dry brushed on, (oak scraps, love the grain) Then had the Biddy Girl work her magic on it with my favorite quote.

The third is prolly my favorite…(Sorry Biddy)  Scrapbook paper decoupage on yet another piece of scrap lumber with everybody’s’ name done cross book style glued on…. I think this one turned out super cute and the Boyz loved picking out their names, I didn’t take any pictures of the making… kind of fly by the seat of my pants on this one.

I have a couple more do do… and maybe throw in a few other things… wooden spoons maybe.

Well, I’m off to make the J-boys curtains, after putting the pool out…..

Have a great Monday!! 

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