I just love Fridays….. I have no idea why…. Oh yeah, I don’t have to cook on Fridays!! I do love to cook… don’t mind the clean up…… hate the thinking up what to make! So it’s nice to have one day where I don’t have to decide what everybody is eating…..

On to my High 5’s

1. I made drawer organizers…. and now my drawers are more organized. Which is a plus.

2. My first afghan….. I love to crochet, I can sit…. and be in my own little world while being present in everybody else’s world.

3. The sandbox was a hit!! They played in it most of the day!!

4-5….. cuz it’s a biggy… MMA classes for the Boyz… Easy E, is a natural athlete and he smiles…smiled…. smiled!! Nicky baby looked like he really had a good time and he listened!!  J-Boy had a good time jumping through the hoops!!    

1. semi organized 

2. the start to my very first Afghan 

3. Happy boys
4. MMA Class

4. MMA Class

4. MMA Class

And my link up with The Lauren Elizabeth, H5FF

One thought on “H5FF

  1. Okay, Imma let you get back to yo blogging and shi, but I just wanna say that Beyoncé had one of the best blogs of all time. PEACE

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