Thursday… All ready!

This week is just flying by… and I haven’t got anything done on my want to list! Go figure, What I did get done was, make drawer organizers, that I think I like, all but the knife drawer one…. might be back to the drawing board for that drawer but I’m gonna live with it for a couple of days and see.

The Mr. helped me out with a how to problem… he’s soooo smart, and when he hears hoof beats he looks for horses, while I look for zebras!! (but it works for us) So I wanted to make a sandbox for the little boys… didn’t want to spend a bunch, and thought big tires… ask Mr to bring one home… he says get a kiddie pool….( well duh…) and poke a few hole in the bottom so the rain will drain… ta-da 1 kiddie pool and 200 lbs of play sand…. sandbox and I hoping hours of fun for the little boys!!


After, but it takes up a lot of the drawer

Happy boys!

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