Aww….Disney Time H5FF

Its amazing how quickly you can fall into “Disney Time” Staying in the parks till 10 or 11 o’clock, not getting back to our room till 10:30 or 11:30. Sleeping the morning (even the J-Boy) away. Then doing it all over again!! We’re going to have to go home so I can rest!! (And finish unpacking) Today is our last day…. and I think we are already to go home and back to our nice quiet routine.  But just a few more things left to do….. Cirque du Soleil and dinner at the Hard Rock, in Downtown Disney.
So this week all my top 5’s are Disney’s ( you were expecting different? )
1. Dinner at the Brown Derby!!! Yum…yum…yum! And our server James was the best… he even got us vip tickets to Mickey’s Fantasia so the whole thing rates a really big fat number 1 in my book!
2. Favorite show, at least so far… Mickeys Fantasia.  It’s just fun to watch….
3. My favorite ride….. hehehe….. Toy Story! What’s not to like? It’s a kind of spin y but not really ride where you get shoot stuff!!
4. Favorite park….. well I think its a toss up between Magic Kingdom and Hollywood…. both are fun with lots to see and do. I think there are more rides at the kingdom.
5. Has got to be all the people we’ve met. From so many different places and all the cool accents. Disney really is a place where everyone can come….

1. James! (I don’t know why he’s sideways)
1. Desert at the Brown Derby


2. Mickey’s Fantasia

3. Da Boyz at Hollywood


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