Not Monday

While its mot exactly Monday its pretty close, kind of but not really. But it is Tuesday! !
We made it to Disney… in a record 13 hours.. which with 3 boys is amazing, and with little to no blood shed, could it be that the Mr. bought them all tab’s?  I think so…
We have been running and gunning since we got here, but wait…. we are staying at The Art of Animation,  Cars suite!  It is fantastic,  The Mr. could not have picked better…. the boyz love it, and so do I!! And the food…. just let me say….Wow. There’s something else Disney got right!! 
The parks have all been pretty fun, even in the rain.  Disney has definitely got crowd control down to a fine art. So far the front running favorites are…. Star tours, Easy E….  Splash Mountain, Nicky baby, and Toy Story , J-boy. 

Awww…. , love the towel Mickey
The Crazy’s at Studio Disney

Just one of the Cars…
Toy story ride, a must do. Tons of fun

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