Wednesdays are becoming fun again, I started thinking about what I was gonna wear today, yesterday! Hahaha, I have to say and get it outta the way, Thanks to Lindsey for inspiring me to just get dressed!! However today is easy peasy day… all the chores are done… lawn mowed …. laundry done so as for me… you’ll find me me in my craft room!! (Can I hear a yippee!), I have no idea what I’m gonna make, maybe finish the little stool, start on Nicky baby’s curtains, finish my curtains or make a new bag. It’s enough that I get the whole day…(while running rough shod on the Boyz)

Tank top… Kohl’s
Crops JCPenney

I love this outfit… it’s cool, comfortable and I think mint and white are crisp and fresh looking! Along with Kate’s Hair Tutorial….(of which I can’t seem to get a decent picture of) but it worked!! And my hair is not as long at Kate’s…. (She is a Genius!!) 
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Monday… Monday…. ooOOO

Sing it peoples! I bet ya did…. (I did, while typing it) So after taking the whole weekend off…. today will be the day for mowing… cleaning of the house… and the dreaded laundry. Oh well You Play… You Pay.

While the boys and I were totally blowing off this weekend we wandered round the Flea Market! And I am here to tell you it’s a cool one, still feels like a bunch of people cleaning out old barns and attics. There are a few of “Those” booths you know the ones… the ones with all the dollar store stuff, or the car audio ones. But for the most part Grandma and Grandpa’s stuff and prices to match it was so much fun to walk around and look for bargains, wheel and deal! Too much fun. Easy E had the chance to wheel and deal himself…. a little shy at first but when he got his car … and for the amount he could spend, wow!! He was sooo impressed with himself! He’s not the only one that scored….

The start of the spidey room!

The start for Easy E’s room

I have Nicky baby’s room all plotted out… I see a brick building, (complete with windows) and The Spider (himself) crouched poised to leap off (Thank you Wal-mart) the comic books are to frame and the vintage sheets…. curtains here you come.

For Easy E’s room I got 5 of the hubcaps, I see hanging on the wall, the lights maybe hanging from chains The red thing…. it’s an old gas can from the 40’s maybe 50’s Easy E and I like the color, the shape and the fact it’s an old gas can!! For the rest I see a few street signs… sheet metal… and license plates for shelves. Cars with a teeny bopper twist.  


I am so taking the day off today… no cleaning, well I’ve already cleaned the kitchen and I have to clean out the car out after our whirlwind trip to Northern IL, and I really should put the laundry away I did before we left… but really No cleaning… no mowing…. no cooking!! I’m declaring today a day off!! So what may you ask are you going to do?? Just hang with the boys, Plan a trip to the beach… or DC one last hurrah before school starts…. hmmm the possibilities.

On to the highs of the week….

1. Score!! $2.00 at a yard sale!! I see it in wild colors with different patterns

2. The Mr’s best shelves in the whole world!!

4. Aww the seatbelt pillows… they needed to be a touch wider, I think but everybody loved them and they worked great!

5. You really can’t tell…. but it was a huge Summer Moon!!  Just gorgeous!!

3. The summer bag, worked great for our trip and kept the boyz stuff nicely rounded up.

 photo H54F_zps6c02d9a1.png

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And the return of WIWW

Alright it’s getting pretty sloppy around here… shorts and tanks… or shorts and tees, (and not a cute tee…but one of the Mr.’s …shhhh) Hair in a ponytail….*sigh. The way to fix that, you might or might not ask, the reinstatement of What I Wore Wednesdays, with the link up to Lindsey over at The Pleated Poppy, (ever looked at her store, cute, cute cute!!) I do enjoyed dressing but somehow taking the time to do so slips further and further down the list. So for at least one day, but more like two, (going out Fridays) I’ll make the the time.. and close the door, if I can’t hear them…. how much trouble can the be getting into. *wink wink

So on to the show….

Shirt and crops from Old Navy
I love this shirt… it cool and breezy. Perfect for VA summers 

I know it looks a hot mess… but half up in a falling braid.
Kate over at the Small Things blog does a way better job on hers’ but I’m trying!

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Under the wire… haha it’s still Monday

I know it’s late but it’s still Monday and since I think we hit Tuesday first…. I’m good. Today kind of got away from me. But….. I got tons done and some laundry. Let’s hear a big Alleluia, the J-Boys room is done (‘cepting for a few minor tweaks ) The Mr. spent Saturday building shelves for the J-boys room… and boy did they turn out fantastic !! I love them!! I put up the last of the cars, trucks, buses, boats and planes this morning!! woo hooo… Now I can move on to the next boy room…. I’m thinking Nicky Baby! Should be a fun room to do, he has his little heart set on the Spider Man… So I’m foreseeing spider webs, red and blue.

We also have to make a run to Northern IL, so with that in mind I made the boys toy bags (thanks pinterest) to fill with their stuff for the trip and seat belt pillows, (that I hope work better than the last ones I made.) On to the pictures…. I just love pictures…. they tell the whole story.

The shelves that finish off the whole room
It’s Done!!
Book Bags… Hit the Picture to go to the great tutorial..at Ucreate!
Easy E’s
Nicky Baby

The J-Boys

Seat belt Pillows

It’s H5FF

It’s my weekly version of H5FF.. woo wooo, another week is marked off my calendar and we are getting closer to…. school starting… maybe some cooler temperatures,  ;oP , Christmas… naw I don’t wanna go there yet!!

This was a very productive week… 2 of the 3 boys were away at came all day! ( I can’t wait for school…. I love them, but…) So Da Baby and I had some quality time… and tons of fun. Playing in the pool and the sand box. I did get a couple of projects done and crossed off my to do list, (whew, it’s a never ending list though) The long hallway in the kitchen is done… finito….finished. And it made my very favorite project of the week!!

3.I’m going to need a new ‘tater masher

4.It’s coming together 

4.Cars and planes and trucks, Oh My

5.Hanging in the pool

So there it is my H5FF… Have a good weekend and go out to dinner tonight!! Nobody should cook on Fridays’!!

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Umph….. kind of day

It’s been one of these kind  of days… I just can’t settle into anything, or feel like I can’t settle into anything which is the same thing no matter how you put it.  So today is officially umph day. I couldn’t decide what to post… I thought about going back to WSWW (what she wore Wed), but it’s to hot for anything more that shorts and a tank (cute tank, but tank nonetheless) or a review of a few things I’m trying out, but once again umph snuck up on me.

On the upside of not being able to settle (yes, I can almost always find an upside, it’s sooo annoying!) I got the J-Boys curtains done, and by curtains I mean valance… but it’s done. It didn’t turn out quite like I wanted, no box pleats, but I think they turn out how they were supposed to! The J-Boy likes ’em and I guess that what matters….

The long hallway got more work done on it… I think it need a few more things. Maybe. We will have to see. The laundry is started…. lunch is done…. the J-boy is napping….. the 2 big boys are at camp… and I think I just got hit by how to finish up the J-boys room….. ummmm. so I guess on that note I should go see if I can figure out how to put my idea into something I can do. Maybe being unsettled is a good thing.

See hot…
Done…. there are cars and trucks on the blue.

Getting there… needs something. More empty frames? Spoons??

Today…. And the Weekend Wrap

Woot Woot…. the house is soooooo quiet!! Martial Arts Camp started this morning…. and now the house is very, very quiet! Awww…. I can hear myself think, wow, that might not be a good thing. But for the week, at least during the day  it’ll be just the J-Boy and me!

We had a very productive weekend…  Great pizza and  a good movie (Oz the Great and Powerful) (I liked it!!) on Friday! Thanks Ludo’s, best pizza we’ve had in awhile! Saturday the Mr. worked about a half day… came home and really worked. The garage is all clean and everything is in it’s place!! We can get both cars in now!! 🙂 The boxes and such are hauled off…. it’s an amazing thing!

The long hallway in the kitchen is coming together… with an easy peasy craft. (and The Biddy’s Girls mad art skills). Here’s what I did….

Scrap lumber

washed with light blue paint

scrapbook paper letters

More scrap lumber

Biddy’s mad art skill
laying out the letters
almost done

On the skinny board I washed on a light blue paint… I had thoughts of freehanding some king of quote in yellow…. but yeah… NO. So i printed out the font I liked cut it out of the scrapbook paper I liked… modge podge it on…. Done. See couldn’t be easier.

For the second antique bronzed paint, dry brushed on, (oak scraps, love the grain) Then had the Biddy Girl work her magic on it with my favorite quote.

The third is prolly my favorite…(Sorry Biddy)  Scrapbook paper decoupage on yet another piece of scrap lumber with everybody’s’ name done cross book style glued on…. I think this one turned out super cute and the Boyz loved picking out their names, I didn’t take any pictures of the making… kind of fly by the seat of my pants on this one.

I have a couple more do do… and maybe throw in a few other things… wooden spoons maybe.

Well, I’m off to make the J-boys curtains, after putting the pool out…..

Have a great Monday!! 


I just love Fridays….. I have no idea why…. Oh yeah, I don’t have to cook on Fridays!! I do love to cook… don’t mind the clean up…… hate the thinking up what to make! So it’s nice to have one day where I don’t have to decide what everybody is eating…..

On to my High 5’s

1. I made drawer organizers…. and now my drawers are more organized. Which is a plus.

2. My first afghan….. I love to crochet, I can sit…. and be in my own little world while being present in everybody else’s world.

3. The sandbox was a hit!! They played in it most of the day!!

4-5….. cuz it’s a biggy… MMA classes for the Boyz… Easy E, is a natural athlete and he smiles…smiled…. smiled!! Nicky baby looked like he really had a good time and he listened!!  J-Boy had a good time jumping through the hoops!!    

1. semi organized 

2. the start to my very first Afghan 

3. Happy boys
4. MMA Class

4. MMA Class

4. MMA Class

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Thursday… All ready!

This week is just flying by… and I haven’t got anything done on my want to list! Go figure, What I did get done was, make drawer organizers, that I think I like, all but the knife drawer one…. might be back to the drawing board for that drawer but I’m gonna live with it for a couple of days and see.

The Mr. helped me out with a how to problem… he’s soooo smart, and when he hears hoof beats he looks for horses, while I look for zebras!! (but it works for us) So I wanted to make a sandbox for the little boys… didn’t want to spend a bunch, and thought big tires… ask Mr to bring one home… he says get a kiddie pool….( well duh…) and poke a few hole in the bottom so the rain will drain… ta-da 1 kiddie pool and 200 lbs of play sand…. sandbox and I hoping hours of fun for the little boys!!


After, but it takes up a lot of the drawer

Happy boys!