Once again Friday has snuck up on me…. where does the week go? I guess it’s proof that when you’re having a good time, time flies! So we are now up to my High Five for Friday. This has been a really good week. The Biddy girl has a job!! (woot woot) She’s happy so I’m happy! The Boyz are coming right along…. Enjoying summer so far. And today we leave for Disney… for a whole week… ummm…. sun and fun!! (plus long lines….cranky kids….. humidity) The perfect summer vacation!! I can’t wait!!  But enough of that and on to my H5FF….

1. The J-boy bed spread
2. my oh yeah moment

3.Black eye!

4.Favorite shirt of all time

5.Storm rolling in

1. My favorite craft of the week is, The J-boys bedspread…. gotta love the ah-ha moments, in the shower, (where I always get my best ideas!) Thats the cars, trucks and other movers came from. I think it turned out pretty good!

2. I’ve been trying to think of a way to keep certain door open… I was thinking about making a door stop that would wrap around the bottom of the door, when on Pinterest  I was looking and… TA-DA… door keeper opener made out of pool noodles!! So once again… well played Pinterest… well played!
3. My favorite 4 year old sporting his very first black eye!! And just in time for our trip and allllll the pictures!!
4. My fav shirt… Old Navy, cool, comfortable, and in great colors!! I know have 3 of them…. yeah!!
5. I love a good thunderstorm this on threatened and rumbled and then blew over…. *sniff sniff. 
Hope y’all have a great weekend…. See ya Monday from Disney!!


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