A Few Things I have Discovered…..

I have discovered a few things… recently. Like, vinegar really will clean hard water spots off a glass shower door. Lemons will take the same spots off the shower turner ony thing… You should prolly have 2 ironing boards with 2 irons if you want to iron the Mr.’s good shirts without them sticking to the ironing board (or cover the ironing board while using iron on adhesive. *light dawns) I’ve also discovered that when moving to a new town with small children…. you should probably figure out when the closest hospital is and how to get there. That the sound of a 4 yr old face hitting the coffee table makes a horrid sound… That “they” don’t treat broken noses any more….

No more hard water spots!

Oops…. spill over from adhesive 

Looks much better today…

Any thing y’all have discovered lately?

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