Woo Hoo, it’s Monday and the weekend wrap…

Monday, Monday… What can be said about Mondays? It’s the second day of the week,  it’s the first day of the work week…. it comes from the Old English meaning, Moon day. There ya go…. enough said about Monday!!
This weekend just flew by….  I got more pictures hung… (straight), got a start on the J-boys room, Put the playroom together, Partied with the neighbors, So today I get to clean house, do the laundry and maybe elk out some time on the J-boys new bedspread…. (fingers crossed),  go to the gym?? There are never enough hours in the day.

The J-boys room is coming together!! Thank God for pinterest!! I would have never thought to iron stuff on the wall…. But peoples it could not be easier!!  Here’s what I did…

Printed out J-boys name, same size as the paper.
Cut it out …. pinned to to my fabric
Ironed on the adhesive
Cut out the letters,
Laid it out on the wall….. ironed away.
Easy Peasy…. all in about a hour!! And yes I did check it peels right off and doesn’t hurt the walls!! (which in a rental is crucial!) And I love how it brings color to his room.

Printer letters cut out
Pinned to fabric with adhesive on ironed on
See straight and even


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