So it’s true

Another man’s woman’s trash (and can you say Hoarder?) is another man’s woman’s treasure.. That is such a true statement. The Craigslist ad read something like… Tons of free stuff, probably some rubbish, but lots of free linens, clothes, shoes and other stuff. Since I started sewing I’m always looking for material and I love vintage anything, So I throw the boyz into the truck and off we go. First let me say….. Euuuuwwww…. but WOW, the stuff I did dig through one room, but not real deep, (Scary) and wound up with tons of material (with the tag still pinned on) some pretty cool little hankies, a couple of tables that I’m going to try to save, they may be too far gone but I’m gonna try. And the cutest little rocking chair, doll sized but I have a thought for it…. So we will see.

On to the current project The Little Boyz Bathroom…….
I decided on the colors… all bright greens, blues, yellows, orange and red. I started out with some bathroom printables. They are so cute and will hopefully remind my boyz what it is they are supposed to be doing in there!! HA HA HA…. yes I know, but you have heard of the power of positive thinking…. Right, Right! So on to the pictures, free frames from the hoarder house, and the printables and I have a good start, now to make the shower curtain. and  voila… little boyz bathroom! Then on to the J-Boys room…. same colors different effect, (I hope).

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