Once again Friday has snuck up on me…. where does the week go? I guess it’s proof that when you’re having a good time, time flies! So we are now up to my High Five for Friday. This has been a really good week. The Biddy girl has a job!! (woot woot) She’s happy so I’m happy! The Boyz are coming right along…. Enjoying summer so far. And today we leave for Disney… for a whole week… ummm…. sun and fun!! (plus long lines….cranky kids….. humidity) The perfect summer vacation!! I can’t wait!!  But enough of that and on to my H5FF….

1. The J-boy bed spread
2. my oh yeah moment

3.Black eye!

4.Favorite shirt of all time

5.Storm rolling in

1. My favorite craft of the week is, The J-boys bedspread…. gotta love the ah-ha moments, in the shower, (where I always get my best ideas!) Thats the cars, trucks and other movers came from. I think it turned out pretty good!

2. I’ve been trying to think of a way to keep certain door open… I was thinking about making a door stop that would wrap around the bottom of the door, when on Pinterest  I was looking and… TA-DA… door keeper opener made out of pool noodles!! So once again… well played Pinterest… well played!
3. My favorite 4 year old sporting his very first black eye!! And just in time for our trip and allllll the pictures!!
4. My fav shirt… Old Navy, cool, comfortable, and in great colors!! I know have 3 of them…. yeah!!
5. I love a good thunderstorm this on threatened and rumbled and then blew over…. *sniff sniff. 
Hope y’all have a great weekend…. See ya Monday from Disney!!


A Few Things I have Discovered…..

I have discovered a few things… recently. Like, vinegar really will clean hard water spots off a glass shower door. Lemons will take the same spots off the shower turner ony thing… You should prolly have 2 ironing boards with 2 irons if you want to iron the Mr.’s good shirts without them sticking to the ironing board (or cover the ironing board while using iron on adhesive. *light dawns) I’ve also discovered that when moving to a new town with small children…. you should probably figure out when the closest hospital is and how to get there. That the sound of a 4 yr old face hitting the coffee table makes a horrid sound… That “they” don’t treat broken noses any more….

No more hard water spots!

Oops…. spill over from adhesive 

Looks much better today…

Any thing y’all have discovered lately?

Woo Hoo, it’s Monday and the weekend wrap…

Monday, Monday… What can be said about Mondays? It’s the second day of the week,  it’s the first day of the work week…. it comes from the Old English meaning, Moon day. There ya go…. enough said about Monday!!
This weekend just flew by….  I got more pictures hung… (straight), got a start on the J-boys room, Put the playroom together, Partied with the neighbors, So today I get to clean house, do the laundry and maybe elk out some time on the J-boys new bedspread…. (fingers crossed),  go to the gym?? There are never enough hours in the day.

The J-boys room is coming together!! Thank God for pinterest!! I would have never thought to iron stuff on the wall…. But peoples it could not be easier!!  Here’s what I did…

Printed out J-boys name, same size as the paper.
Cut it out …. pinned to to my fabric
Ironed on the adhesive
Cut out the letters,
Laid it out on the wall….. ironed away.
Easy Peasy…. all in about a hour!! And yes I did check it peels right off and doesn’t hurt the walls!! (which in a rental is crucial!) And I love how it brings color to his room.

Printer letters cut out
Pinned to fabric with adhesive on ironed on
See straight and even


Shhhh…… A Very Quite High Five for Friday

It’s early, so early that the boys aren’t up, (woot woot), so I’ll have a cup of coffee all by myself and enjoy the sun coming up.

So my High Five for Friday are pretty simple this week and one of them really isn’t even mine….

1. The Boyz at Luray

2. Wooooo Hoooooo

3. The little Boyz bath

1.We took the boyz to the Caverns not too far from here it was stunning!! And the car museum was great!!
2. They have Bread Co, Panera here!! Bring on the Icy Frozen Mochas!!
3. The only crafty thing I’ve done this week…..
4. Early mornings…..
5. 2 of the Bloggers I follow are Pregnant!!  Kate of The Small Things Blog and Erin at Keep Calm and Sparkle  They are going to be beautiful Moms!! So Congratulations to the both of them!!

So there is my quite High Five for Friday!!

  and just in time… there is the pitter patter of little feet……

And a Link up with Lauren Elizabeth

                                                                  The Lauren Elizabeth                                                                                                         

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So it’s true

Another man’s woman’s trash (and can you say Hoarder?) is another man’s woman’s treasure.. That is such a true statement. The Craigslist ad read something like… Tons of free stuff, probably some rubbish, but lots of free linens, clothes, shoes and other stuff. Since I started sewing I’m always looking for material and I love vintage anything, So I throw the boyz into the truck and off we go. First let me say….. Euuuuwwww…. but WOW, the stuff I did dig through one room, but not real deep, (Scary) and wound up with tons of material (with the tag still pinned on) some pretty cool little hankies, a couple of tables that I’m going to try to save, they may be too far gone but I’m gonna try. And the cutest little rocking chair, doll sized but I have a thought for it…. So we will see.

On to the current project The Little Boyz Bathroom…….
I decided on the colors… all bright greens, blues, yellows, orange and red. I started out with some bathroom printables. They are so cute and will hopefully remind my boyz what it is they are supposed to be doing in there!! HA HA HA…. yes I know, but you have heard of the power of positive thinking…. Right, Right! So on to the pictures, free frames from the hoarder house, and the printables and I have a good start, now to make the shower curtain. and  voila… little boyz bathroom! Then on to the J-Boys room…. same colors different effect, (I hope).

Helllllllloooooo…… I’m bacccckkkkkkk

Well hello blogger world… I’m Back!! Miss me?? I missed y’all….

Shenandoah Mountains

Life sure changes in a blink of an eye. Since I was last here, Our Little Guy has gone home to Momma, and doing as well as expected. I keep tabs! 😉 We finalized the adoption on our Boyz… and we left the semi- wilds of central Texas for the historic and bustling Northern Virginia. So now I’m busy unpacking… (yuck) decorating a new house.. (Yeah) and chasing 3 active young boys around a new town. Up for some new adventures, decorating and crafting  on and around the East Coast?? I know I am…. I hope y’all will come along


Before Stuff
Wooo Hoooo Stuff is here