YOLO Mondays

Mondays would be much better if they started much later….. But nope 5:30 am alarm, (all the while trying not to think of Mr. Crazy…. SNORING!!!) to get Our Little Guy up at 6:30…. who picks this morning to decide to have a melt down about not standing to pee….. GERRRR …. and I have to admit…. he won. HE sat…. and I drank more coffee, (we did have a chat about standing on the way home from school). So hopefully I’ll win the war!! We did have a pretty great weekend…. got to have The Boyz all weekend, the only draw back (besides having to take them back….) was all three of them were sick!! Boo Hoo….. so R,R and M were on tap along with cough syrup and vicks!! So it was a lazy dazy weekend. That I didn’t want to end.  I did find out I love leggings!!! Love….Love …..Love them!!! Who knew you could wear a pair of leggings and one of the Mr’s old button downs with a tank  and call it a outfit!! I am so happy….. comfy and put together!!  My new go to uniform….. I just need more leggings!!


                                           Link up with……  Still Being Molly
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