High Five for Friday!

It’s finally Friday!! This week has just ddrraagged on…. and on….. well, you get the picture! So other than this week being OVER… IT’s been a really good week, the house is decorated for Christmas, I’ve talked to A brother and Sister-in-Law who are doing good, (fingers crossed for UT!) The kids are doing, well they are doing…. Our Little Guy just might have graduated out of Physical Therapy at home!!! We will be finding that out soon….. but if he did…. woot woot!! And we meet The Boys tomorrow!! (reason for the draggy week )



I only have room for 3….. Plus I guess I didn’t take as many Pictures this week

1. My favorite Craft of the week, Noel cut from a box and covered with scrapbook paper witha mini wreath

2. It turned out!! This is the best mantel I’ve ever done!!

3. Oh Christmas Tree….. Oh Christmas Tree, (Sung it didn’t ya!!)

Linking up with Lauren….
   cuz it’s Friday and she’s just to cute!!


2 thoughts on “High Five for Friday!

  1. Thanks, Alyssa!!
    The letters are super easy to do…. I printed them out using a easy font, the really cool fonts are to hard to cut out, (yep tried a curly cue one first)so pick your favorite font… make it as big as the paper…. go from there!!

    Have fun!!

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