Christmas Mantle and a Link Up!

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas at the Crazy household…. I have to say I haven’t really decorated the last few years…. But this year I’m decorating, the older kids are coming home…. (at least 2 of them are) we will have Our Little Guy and The Boys!! So I’m feeling Christmas this year! So here is my contribution to the Christmas Mantle Link up… I had a lot of fun with it this year. I didn’t take any pictures of the making…. (I keep forgetting….) but the end results I’m pretty happy with. Except I need more stockings!! 😉


I used 4 different garlands, your typical evergreen one, a light green (kind of lacy feeling) flowering garland, a holly one and a really cool fringy gold one. There are a few flower picks, the shiny red, pine cones and berries, sticks outta the trees in the yard. The vases are spray painted red and gold…. with rubber bands to make the stripes, the Noel is cut from a old box, covered in scrapbook paper, with a red berry mini wreath. The big wreath started life as a plain evergreen wreath, I stuck 2 different kinds of eucalyptus stems in it and added the glass balls.


Y’all gotta check out the Mantles… and Fantles…. amazing! I can’t peg my favorite!!


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