It’s time for another edition of WIWW….. drum roll, please! Today I had all kinds of problems getting dressed!! I have nothing to wear,( hahaha), I can hear Mr. Crazy already, just kidding. But back to the problems of getting dressed, on Wednesday’s I like to be creative…. mix it up…. wear stuff I wouldn’t normally. So today I started with the pants, I got ’em a while ago and have never worn them. So I said to myself, “Self you have to wear those pants today!!” So now what to wear with them, I played it safe and added a plain white tee and my favorite blazer, instant outfit. That I think works….


But what do y’all think??

Blazer, Thrifted….( with the tags still on, so really Kohl’s)
Pants, Thrifted…. (also tagged, Target)  Score on both!!
White tee, ummm, Target, maybe
Necklace and earrings, Charming Charlies (Love, Love,Love Charming Charlies!!)

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