Christmas Craft and a Link Party

So today I’m gonna link up with Cassie over at Hi Sugarplum, if you haven’t been there yet…. go!! She has some really really good ideas, and her Christmas craft…. to cute!!

Christmas LinkUp

My craft was Cone Trees… they turned out super cute, (if I do say so). So I’m now gonna share how I made them….

Cut strips of wrapping paper
You wanna end up with squares of wrapping paper 

Twist in to a cone shape
Add a piece tape to hold

Tape to wrapping paper tube
Try to overlap the row before

Finish by folding the top row into tube.

Top off with your choice of tree toppers

I have a 40 inch, 25 inch and a 11 inch tree.

 On the 40 inch one I used 2 rows of 9 inch squares, 2 rows of 8 inch, 2 rows of 7 inch, 2 rows of 6 inch, 2 rows of 5 inch, and 2 rows of 4 inch.

On the  25 inch tree I started at 8 inch squares and went down from there.
On the 11 inch tree I started with 6 inch squares and went from there.
If you want fuller trees put the rows of cones closer together….. fuller apart for a skinnier tree
There is a much better tutorial with a chart and everything at…..  Crafts for all Seasons

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