YOLO Mondays

I’m sooo glad it’s Monday! I have the house all to myself…. Mr. Crazy is off to work, Our Little Guy is off to school, I can watch Stephen King movies all day (while doing the laundry) and recoup from this crazy weekend. Mr. Crazy and I both had our separate projects going on as well as entertaining Our Little Guy, which is always fun!! The Mister built 2 twin beds this weekend and boy, are they beautiful…. I love it when he puts his hand to wood, (and I wish I could build stuff like that) He gets an idea in his head and ta-dah….. furniture. Now all we need is mattresses and box springs. I got all the bedding washed….. the carpets shampooed…. and all the Christmas decorating done (at least as much as I’m gonna do!!) So it was a very productive weekend!! But I’m sooo glad it’s Monday.


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