YOLO Monday

Welcome to another Monday….. woot woot…. (yep, right). As it’s Thanksgiving week…. there is NO school, So Our Little Guy is gonna have a nice little break, but do tell me one thing, on school mornings I have to sing (good morning to you…. good morning to you…)  him awake….. at 6:30 am, no school and he’s bright eyed and bushy tailed at 5:45 am. What is the deal with that?! Aww, well I guess this means nap time will be a bit earlier. So on today’s menu….9:00 selection staffing TODAY!! ( providing nobody forgot to scheduled the conference call.) So keep y’alls fingers crossed, Please! A 9:30 appt. at the car dealer, to do whatever they needed to do but couldn’t do when we picked up the new car. 12:30 Therapy with Miss A and OT, Our Little Guys case worker, the fabulous Ms. M  is gonna come sometime today and my parents are here!!
So for today I have to say that I am truly thankful for a busy schedule and all the people in my little world.
So here’s to a YOLO Monday!!

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An Eventful Saturday

Saturday was a very eventful Saturday….. started off with a trip to the circus!! Who doesn’t love a circus… and it was the Shriner Circus, they do such good work with in the community, it’s amazing. Our Little Guy got to do the pony rides, he giggled and was amazed all at the same time, (tons of fun to watch him!) After the circus it was home for lunch and a well needed nap…. but first some drama and a cap full of blood!! (yikes!!) Our Little Guy slipped getting into his chair and busted his chin on the corner of the table and bit his tongue!! Much crying… then he saw the blood…. and the crying went up 10 decibels to a wail, (poor little guy!) However after Mr. Crazy appearance on the scene, all was much better…..  (NO, blood doesn’t bother me…. former Hockey Mom!) After a band-aid and some Motrin it was really  nap time!! Then with Uncle Robert to sit…. off to the car lot to buy a new car!!! Surprise!! I’m now the proud driver of a 2012 GMC Arcadia! In my favorite color of Gun-Medal Gray!! (Woot Woot, my first brand new car!) With enough room for the Little Guy, and the 3 we hope to get!! SO…. after an eventful Saturday….. Sunday is shaping up to be slower.   

Shriner Clown

Mr. Crazy and Our Little Guy
mugging for the camera
Pony Rides!!


Woot, Woot…. New Car!!


High Five for Friday

At last this week is over…. It started out on a sour note, they didn’t have the selection staffing on Monday like they were supposed to somebody forgot to schedule the conference call (Grrrrr) But it’s been rescheduled for this coming up Monday, so it’s all good. It has however ended up on a good note… Our Little Guy is progressing by leaps and bounds…. My folks are coming here for Thanksgiving…. So lucky them they will be here to keep me from being to crazy… but that’s for next week!! (Thank Gawd!!)  So my top five thingys for this week are……(drum roll please)



1. Favorite outfit for the week

    Shirt, Bass (last year)
    Cardigan, JC Penney’s
    Skinneys, Ann Taylor
    Boots, Shoe Dazzle

2. Favorite Craft

    Beads, thread and findings all at Wal-Mart

3. Getting dressed all on his own….

    “Why won’t they button?”
    How cute is that!!

4. Birch Box

    Just cuz…

5. Scarf


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Lots going on

For a Thursday there is a lot going on…. post office run! First thing. Then a quick stop off at Wal-mart for glue sticks, (and I call myself a crafter). Now to look for pictures for Daughter No.1, Bug. Why she wants awkward teenage pictures is beyond me, but I’ll send her what I can find. And my new Birch Box, got here!! (love Birch Box!) so here’s my run down….

1.  Love the perfume, Miss Me by Stella Cadente…. That I want in a full sized bottle!!
2. The hair texture/volume spray, Oscar Blandi, so far is a keeper, I have Texas big hair today!! 🙂
3. The mascara, Fibre Lashxtender, rated a umph …. it’s ok I guess, I like my regular stuff better,                 (Almay Intense I-color) Although the Fibre has a cool little mirror built in…. but that’s just not enough…. I prolly won’t be looking for it at Ulta.
4. The little cupcake thingy, is a bath bomb…. (hahahaha, I had to read the package to know that) So next time I’m feelin’ bathy, I’ll give it a try.
5. The Soy bar, Our little guy ate for snack… he liked it!!
6. The other 2 things are hand soap, and I’m going to put them in the guest bath… so we’ll see who uses them first.

I have to say…. I really like Birch Box, it’s fun getting stuff in the mail and it’s all stuff that I wouldn’t normally buy myself. Well worth the membership fee!

So I guess that’s it for my Thursday. Hope y’all are having a good day!

WIWW otherwise known as What I wore Wednesday

Ok, What I wore Wednesday, today’s out fit might just make my High Five for Friday, Just might be my favorite look so far! And just let me say Thanks again to Shaffer, over at Pinterest Told Me To, since following her blog I’ve taken more fashion chances. I’m actually enjoying getting dressed in the morning!! Even when the only people who see me are Mr. Crazy, Our Little Guy and his teachers when I pick him up after school….. So I can say…. Shop your closets… Take a risk or two…. But most important…. Have fun with it!


I know I saw this look…. (somewhere) but now I can’t find it. Could of been on Pinterest…. maybe The Small Things Blog, but now I can’t find it anywhere. Oh well…. It’ll turn up.

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Alrighty then…

Alrighty then it’s Tuesday… A cloudy, cool, cold Tuesday. And I’m feeling,( Gerrrr), semi grouchy. I tried to ride off my bad mood at the gym in RPM class this morning, and just wound up….. wiped,  (thanks Ms. S for handing me my butt.) but that’s what I get for skipping the gym for the last couple of weeks. (I don’t recommend it.) But I’m hoping to get back in the swing of things. (fingers crossed) So home to not clean house…. but I did get the laundry started, so that was a plus. What I spent most of the day doing was putting together a fun (I think) little kit for a fellow blogger….. but that’s all I’m gonna say about that, other than I’ll get in the mail tomorrow!! But doing that really helped my mood!! (Yeah!)

Since the semi grouchy mood was impairing my ability to put myself together this morning….. Pinterest I went for some inspiration ….  


 Like I said just inspiration…. Think I got the “feel” of the pin. If not anything else!!

                                        Here’s hoping for a better Wednesday!

YOLO Monday

Today is Yolo Monday…. (You Only Life Once ) So I’m trying something new. Leggings, I’m seen them all over pinterest, Shaffer over at Pinterest told me to, wears them all the time. Carly at C.Style  has a whole post on how to wear leggings…. So here goes my try, and I’m mixing black and brown, (take that style rules!)


However, I am wondering if 45, um, 40, er…. 25 is to old for Leggings or if there is no age limit. Do y’all have any hard and fast rules about style or anything else that you will not…. under pain of feeling ridiculous, break? Mine are no mini skirts….. nope won’t wear them…. I feel like my 21 year old daughter, which makes me feel ridiculous.

On to a totally different note….. Today is also the selection staffing, on the 3 little boys that I want…. so I’m soooooo nervous I just can’t stand it!! It helps to have Our Little Guy home today, He’ll keep me busy and hopping!! So on that note…. I’m being paged, gotta run…..

Have a great Yolo Monday, and just for giggles….. Try something new today!! who knows you could really like it!

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Road trip….

On Saturday Mr. Crazy was a bit under the weather…. and being the good wife I am, I took Our Little Guy and got the heck outta Dodge. We decided  (I decided, Our Little Guy was just along for the ride) we would go to the Disney Store and pick up the movie Brave, that we pre-order. So off we go…. tr, la, la, la. We get to the mall, and wonder around for just a bit, Our Little Guy is a boy…. and 4 so shopping especially window shopping is not his thing. So to Disney we go, stand in line…. forever, (is it a law if a store is busy they are only aloud 1 register to be used?), we finally get to the register the little gal sees my “Brave” folder and says…. Gee, Mom, looks like you’ve jumped the gun, “Brave” isn’t out till Tuesday the 13th.  Well, oops…. I’m feelin’ a bit silly! But we did get out of the house and Mr. Crazy got to sleep for a while, so alls well that ends well! (and you know I’ll go back on Tues to get my movie!!)

High Five for Fridays!

Woot woot…. Another week down and it’s my favorite day! Everybody’s in a good mood on Friday!

So here are my favorite thing from this past week…

Best craft of the week!
Can’t decide if they are the ugliest or the cutest pointy toed shoe!

Woo….New boots!!
Favorite cardigan of the week
Bestest craft closet of all time!!
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What a day

Today I made myself crazy (er….crazier) by trying to put a Hi, how are ya book together. It’s for Our (almost) Boys…. The ones we are hoping to get…. sooner rather than later. The section staffing is Monday, (yet another reason to hate Monday) we’ve already been told told we are being selected….. but…. what if…. (now you know why I’m crazy) any number of things could happen. So to make myself feel a bit better I was putting together this book deal…. full of pictures of Mr. Crazy…. The Kids…. the pets….. Our Little Guy…. The House, and trying to remember it’s for a 9, 5, and 4 year old. So I tried to keep the words short sweet and to the point…. and to not make it to cheesy… (remember, 9,5 and 4…. so no wine to go with it.) So I hope it turned out ok. I like it, so we’ll see.