High five for Friday and the Polish Swap!

Today is the best possible Friday of all Fridays…. of all weeks, (‘Cepting… when the older children were born….oh and I got married…..and a few other really important days) But it is a really really amazing day!!!  We went to the placement staffing today…. and met all the players, got to talk about the Boys!! And after a mandatory 24 hour (Dammit!!) waiting period…… which will in all reality be until Monday, at which time we will be able to say not only Yes…. but YES!! Then next weekend the visits will commence…. and Our Boys will be coming home the 23rd!! I am so excited…. I could just burst!!  So this is all of my top (end all be all) High Five for Fridays!!

There is something so fun about getting stuff in the mail. I joined the Polish Swap, cuz it sounded like fun…. and yeppers it was in several different ways, the anticipation of it coming in the mail….. the really cool wrapping my Polish Partner wrapped the mailing box with…. I love pink polka dots! And finally the polish!! I have to say my Polish Partner, Erin at Keep Calm an Sparkle  sent me some cool ones… and surprisingly no colors I already have….. I’m really impressed! I love the polish….

But for now…. check out the very cool colors!!

This one might be my favorite color!!

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To much fun!!  I loved it….. what’s next…



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