I’m really starting to love What I wore Wednesdays, I make an effort to be creative on Wednesdays…. however it is starting to get cold…. yeah……(NOT) well, after years of living in cold weather climes, We moved South… Southern Louisiana to be semi exact,  I lost a bunch of weight and bought a bunch of new clothes ( yes, I know!! I’m Not bitching….. really) but I bought summery clothes. So now I have the problem of coming up with warmer clothes again, it’s colder in Central Texas. Fun, Fun, Fun. So here is what I came up with today….. I think it works, and I love the shirt, not sure about the cardigan….. But I wasn’t sure about it when I got it. But here’s to trying to be creative, warm, and comfortable!

Shirt, ummm, Cato’s maybe. A few years ago
Cardigan, Kohl’s last summer
Skinnys, Ann Taylor
Black Scrunchy Boots, Shoe Dazzle (Not Pictured)
Necklace, Rue 12

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