An Eventful Saturday

Saturday was a very eventful Saturday….. started off with a trip to the circus!! Who doesn’t love a circus… and it was the Shriner Circus, they do such good work with in the community, it’s amazing. Our Little Guy got to do the pony rides, he giggled and was amazed all at the same time, (tons of fun to watch him!) After the circus it was home for lunch and a well needed nap…. but first some drama and a cap full of blood!! (yikes!!) Our Little Guy slipped getting into his chair and busted his chin on the corner of the table and bit his tongue!! Much crying… then he saw the blood…. and the crying went up 10 decibels to a wail, (poor little guy!) However after Mr. Crazy appearance on the scene, all was much better…..  (NO, blood doesn’t bother me…. former Hockey Mom!) After a band-aid and some Motrin it was really  nap time!! Then with Uncle Robert to sit…. off to the car lot to buy a new car!!! Surprise!! I’m now the proud driver of a 2012 GMC Arcadia! In my favorite color of Gun-Medal Gray!! (Woot Woot, my first brand new car!) With enough room for the Little Guy, and the 3 we hope to get!! SO…. after an eventful Saturday….. Sunday is shaping up to be slower.   

Shriner Clown

Mr. Crazy and Our Little Guy
mugging for the camera
Pony Rides!!


Woot, Woot…. New Car!!


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