High Five for Friday

At last this week is over…. It started out on a sour note, they didn’t have the selection staffing on Monday like they were supposed to somebody forgot to schedule the conference call (Grrrrr) But it’s been rescheduled for this coming up Monday, so it’s all good. It has however ended up on a good note… Our Little Guy is progressing by leaps and bounds…. My folks are coming here for Thanksgiving…. So lucky them they will be here to keep me from being to crazy… but that’s for next week!! (Thank Gawd!!)  So my top five thingys for this week are……(drum roll please)



1. Favorite outfit for the week

    Shirt, Bass (last year)
    Cardigan, JC Penney’s
    Skinneys, Ann Taylor
    Boots, Shoe Dazzle

2. Favorite Craft

    Beads, thread and findings all at Wal-Mart

3. Getting dressed all on his own….

    “Why won’t they button?”
    How cute is that!!

4. Birch Box

    Just cuz…

5. Scarf


Linking up…. cuz it’s Friday and I love her blog….


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