Lots going on

For a Thursday there is a lot going on…. post office run! First thing. Then a quick stop off at Wal-mart for glue sticks, (and I call myself a crafter). Now to look for pictures for Daughter No.1, Bug. Why she wants awkward teenage pictures is beyond me, but I’ll send her what I can find. And my new Birch Box, got here!! (love Birch Box!) so here’s my run down….

1.  Love the perfume, Miss Me by Stella Cadente…. That I want in a full sized bottle!!
2. The hair texture/volume spray, Oscar Blandi, so far is a keeper, I have Texas big hair today!! 🙂
3. The mascara, Fibre Lashxtender, rated a umph …. it’s ok I guess, I like my regular stuff better,                 (Almay Intense I-color) Although the Fibre has a cool little mirror built in…. but that’s just not enough…. I prolly won’t be looking for it at Ulta.
4. The little cupcake thingy, is a bath bomb…. (hahahaha, I had to read the package to know that) So next time I’m feelin’ bathy, I’ll give it a try.
5. The Soy bar, Our little guy ate for snack… he liked it!!
6. The other 2 things are hand soap, and I’m going to put them in the guest bath… so we’ll see who uses them first.

I have to say…. I really like Birch Box, it’s fun getting stuff in the mail and it’s all stuff that I wouldn’t normally buy myself. Well worth the membership fee!

So I guess that’s it for my Thursday. Hope y’all are having a good day!

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