YOLO Monday

Today is Yolo Monday…. (You Only Life Once ) So I’m trying something new. Leggings, I’m seen them all over pinterest, Shaffer over at Pinterest told me to, wears them all the time. Carly at C.Style  has a whole post on how to wear leggings…. So here goes my try, and I’m mixing black and brown, (take that style rules!)


However, I am wondering if 45, um, 40, er…. 25 is to old for Leggings or if there is no age limit. Do y’all have any hard and fast rules about style or anything else that you will not…. under pain of feeling ridiculous, break? Mine are no mini skirts….. nope won’t wear them…. I feel like my 21 year old daughter, which makes me feel ridiculous.

On to a totally different note….. Today is also the selection staffing, on the 3 little boys that I want…. so I’m soooooo nervous I just can’t stand it!! It helps to have Our Little Guy home today, He’ll keep me busy and hopping!! So on that note…. I’m being paged, gotta run…..

Have a great Yolo Monday, and just for giggles….. Try something new today!! who knows you could really like it!

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