Road trip….

On Saturday Mr. Crazy was a bit under the weather…. and being the good wife I am, I took Our Little Guy and got the heck outta Dodge. We decided  (I decided, Our Little Guy was just along for the ride) we would go to the Disney Store and pick up the movie Brave, that we pre-order. So off we go…. tr, la, la, la. We get to the mall, and wonder around for just a bit, Our Little Guy is a boy…. and 4 so shopping especially window shopping is not his thing. So to Disney we go, stand in line…. forever, (is it a law if a store is busy they are only aloud 1 register to be used?), we finally get to the register the little gal sees my “Brave” folder and says…. Gee, Mom, looks like you’ve jumped the gun, “Brave” isn’t out till Tuesday the 13th.  Well, oops…. I’m feelin’ a bit silly! But we did get out of the house and Mr. Crazy got to sleep for a while, so alls well that ends well! (and you know I’ll go back on Tues to get my movie!!)

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