What a day

Today I made myself crazy (er….crazier) by trying to put a Hi, how are ya book together. It’s for Our (almost) Boys…. The ones we are hoping to get…. sooner rather than later. The section staffing is Monday, (yet another reason to hate Monday) we’ve already been told told we are being selected….. but…. what if…. (now you know why I’m crazy) any number of things could happen. So to make myself feel a bit better I was putting together this book deal…. full of pictures of Mr. Crazy…. The Kids…. the pets….. Our Little Guy…. The House, and trying to remember it’s for a 9, 5, and 4 year old. So I tried to keep the words short sweet and to the point…. and to not make it to cheesy… (remember, 9,5 and 4…. so no wine to go with it.) So I hope it turned out ok. I like it, so we’ll see.

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