What she wore Wednesday

It’s Wednesday… hump day…. a day in the middle of the week that makes me go…. oh  humm. It’s always been one of those kind of days. So I always try to dress up a little on Wednesday. Just because…

I’m also joining the polish swap! It sounds like fun, and who knows what you’ll get. I think that’ll be half the fun, so come along and join the swap.


November 5th – 9th: Sign-ups, tell your friends – the more the merrier!
November 12th: You will receive and email introducing you and your partner
November 19th: All polish needs to be send by this Monday
November 26th: Link-up, introduce your swap partner, and show everyone what you got!
We really only have one rule:  
If you sign-up you are agreeing to mail two polishes to your assigned partner (don’t sign up if you think you won’t be able to uphold you end of the bargin)
Well that and have fun!

So grab a button, sign up, and spread the word!
lala Lists


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