Working Weekend

This weekend has been one project after another….. all necessary.  Friday we got the news we’ve been waiting for! We are going to be adding 3 little boys to our family! There was something about them that touched my heart…. So now they are going to be ours! That however means flipping the house around. So the current guest room is going to become the 2 older ones bedroom, and the little one will share with Our Little Guy,( yes, you are counting right… 4, 4 boys!! ) My craft room/office is going to become the guest room. With my craft room in the walk-in closet. hahah, sounds strange doesn’t it, Mr. Crazy is amazing with his hands…. So craft closet and it’s amazing…. actually better than I had imagined. Ok, y’all have a great rest of the weekend, I gotta get back to work…..

Just a plain old closet.. 
First table in

After!! And he ever put power in there for me!! Woot Woot!                                                                           

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