High five for Friday and the Polish Swap!

Today is the best possible Friday of all Fridays…. of all weeks, (‘Cepting… when the older children were born….oh and I got married…..and a few other really important days) But it is a really really amazing day!!!  We went to the placement staffing today…. and met all the players, got to talk about the Boys!! And after a mandatory 24 hour (Dammit!!) waiting period…… which will in all reality be until Monday, at which time we will be able to say not only Yes…. but YES!! Then next weekend the visits will commence…. and Our Boys will be coming home the 23rd!! I am so excited…. I could just burst!!  So this is all of my top (end all be all) High Five for Fridays!!

There is something so fun about getting stuff in the mail. I joined the Polish Swap, cuz it sounded like fun…. and yeppers it was in several different ways, the anticipation of it coming in the mail….. the really cool wrapping my Polish Partner wrapped the mailing box with…. I love pink polka dots! And finally the polish!! I have to say my Polish Partner, Erin at Keep Calm an Sparkle  sent me some cool ones… and surprisingly no colors I already have….. I’m really impressed! I love the polish….

But for now…. check out the very cool colors!!

This one might be my favorite color!!

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To much fun!!  I loved it….. what’s next…



Busy….Busy….Busy and about to be Busier

Swamped, busy, running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off….. I’m just practicing for the days ahead. By now y’all know we are adopting 3 boys, ages 9, 5 and 4. (I can’t hardly wait!) They should be here (hopefully) before Christmas. Tomorrow is the placement staffing where we get to meet everybody, but the Boys, and ask all the questions we can think of….(I can’t think of a one.) I do have list upon list of things I think they will need…..stuff I think we need…..stuff I need to get done or want to do before they get here. I feel like an expecting mom….. So I guess I’m nesting. But for today I guess I’ll just settle for the stuff I normally do on Friday.


I’m really starting to love What I wore Wednesdays, I make an effort to be creative on Wednesdays…. however it is starting to get cold…. yeah……(NOT) well, after years of living in cold weather climes, We moved South… Southern Louisiana to be semi exact,  I lost a bunch of weight and bought a bunch of new clothes ( yes, I know!! I’m Not bitching….. really) but I bought summery clothes. So now I have the problem of coming up with warmer clothes again, it’s colder in Central Texas. Fun, Fun, Fun. So here is what I came up with today….. I think it works, and I love the shirt, not sure about the cardigan….. But I wasn’t sure about it when I got it. But here’s to trying to be creative, warm, and comfortable!

Shirt, ummm, Cato’s maybe. A few years ago
Cardigan, Kohl’s last summer
Skinnys, Ann Taylor
Black Scrunchy Boots, Shoe Dazzle (Not Pictured)
Necklace, Rue 12

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Wow, how did it get to be Tuesday already? I was just now ready for Monday…. oh well, it’s time to move on. Let’s see…. it’s been a really lllooonnngggg couple of days that seemed to just fly by! I have a couple of crafts on the back burners…. A Christmas one, that turned out really really cute, Cone Trees,  one more to make, and I swear I’ll post pictures and the how to’s. I still have the place-mats and table runner to make!! But I did get the thread I need to make “em, so that’s a plus. So here is to and insane Tuesday!! And I hope that there are still 26 hours in a day……

                                      Two down… one to go!!

High Five for Friday…. on Sunday

Hello there….. I’ve had a nice few days off. Been hangin’ with the Folks, Our Little Guy and Mr. Crazy! It’s been great. Went shopping with the Mamma on Black Friday, and the funny thing is we weren’t looking for anything special. But scored at Hancock Fabrics…. got place-mat and table runner material!! I’ll be whipping them up this week. So for the week a few of my favorite things, even though it’s Sunday…. It’s still High Five for Friday     


1. Thanksgiving Dinner…..
      Baby Greens with Grape Salad with Dijon Vinaigrette
     Pancetta wrapped Beef Tenderloin with Whipped Horseradish Cream
     Crispy Potatoes with Fennel
     Lemon Garlic Green Beans
     Asiago and Artichoke Hearts rolls

2. Mr. Crazy doing the outside lights….. it’s sooooo pretty
3. Our Little Guy doing the reindeer antlers
4. The Folks!
5. My favorite dress….. one more way!

So even though it’s Sunday and I’m several days late….. It’s still my High Five for Friday!!

Slow Cooker Roast

1 2 1/2 pound boneless beef chuck roast
1 pinch salt and ground black pepper to taste
1  package dry beef gravy mix
1  package ranch dressing mix
1  package dry Italian-style salad dressing mix
1/2 cup water, or as needed
5 whole peeled carrots (optional)
Spray the inside of a slow cooker with cooking spray. Spread the onion slices out into the bottom of the cooker.
Spread the flour out onto a work surface. Sprinkle the chuck roast with salt and black pepper, and roll the roast in the flour to coat all sides. Using the edge of a small, sturdy plate, pound the flour into the meat. Place the floured roast into the cooker on top of the onions. Whisk together beef gravy mix, ranch dressing mix, and Italian dressing mix in a bowl, and whisk the mixes with water until smooth. Pour over the chuck roast. Distribute carrots around the meat.
Cover the cooker, set to Low, and cook until the roast is tender and the gravy has thickened, about 8 hours.


Welcome to South Central Texas…. where the weather will baffle you and otherwise not corporate….I am so ready for fall clothes!! I love my cardigans, sweaters and low and behold scarves!! (who knew) So while it is November in the rest of the country…. It’s later summer here. With a forecasted high of 79-81 or so…. It’s hard to decide just what to wear, I don’t feel right in shorts, (it is November) but by afternoon, it’s HOTTTT…… So I am are going to split the difference. (Say Hi to Ming…. My parents little dog!) So now I feel fall-ish and hopefully won’t roast this afternoon!!

Sleeveless tee, Cato’s
Cardigan, JC Penney
Skinny crop jeans, Bass
Ropers, Rue 21

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Turkey Trot Linkup!

1. What do you look forward to more: the food, football or parades?
The food, I love to cook… so I go all out!
2. What is your favorite non-traditional Thanksgiving Day dish?
Beef Tenderloin, I hate Turkey
3. After dinner, is it football or a nap?
Hahahaha…. Clean, Clean, Clean
4. Do you watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade? Which is your favorite float?
After living in Louisiana, Watching parades on tv, just doesn’t grasp me  
5. Where do you go to celebrate and eat your big meal? Who is there (family, friends)?
We stay home and have family and friends over… if you have nowhere to go….. your more than welcome here!
6. What is your favorite turkey day dessert? 
Chocolate Truffle Cheesecake

 You can do this in either a blog or a post, have fun with it!  Can’t wait to see and read what everyone’s answers are! Just copy that button link above and the questions onto your blog, do yo thang, then come back over here and add your link. Super easy!
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