Court….. Visit….. and Heels

Today was court, what an eye opening experience on the floor we were on was the Social Services court room as well as the child support court room. People from all walks…. and some that prolly shoulda kept on walking (No, I’m not trying to be mean…. really!) I do love to people watch, but today I had to quit watching the people and just watch the shoes…. (way better!!) some of them were way cute, some were borning…. and some border on the fantastic! All shapes and sizes and the colors, wow!! The cutest shoes had to be a pair of tan stilettos, with a double strap with flowers. The most outrageous were a pair of…… kind army boots, but not really…. black mid calf laced real loose with lots of straps and buckles… (a guy had them on) with his slacks tucked in the tops…. ;o) (nope not kidding!!) If I were braver or sneaker I’d have taken pictures. But I didn’t wanna get caught, (like I did at Wal-mart one time…. not pretty, not pretty at all.)  All of that aside… Our Little Guy will be with us for at least 2 more weeks.(yeah!!!) And the visit…. well it went, and I guess went ok, but we are having a huge case of the “visit fidgetts”! So all in all, everything right and good in the Crazy Household.

                                              Happy Halloween to all!

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                           Adn a big HIya to y’all too!!

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