Visit Day

 Today we have another visit, which means I have to dress… (catty, I know, but I can’t help it) and by dress I don’t mean to the nines or anything just be put together in a grown up way. But since today’s visit is in a park…. no heels, (boooo hoooo) So i’m thinking my fall uniform, (which reminds me I need to text my neighbor and see if I can wear her boots again!) Skinnys, a tank and a cardigan or a blazer. And those knee high flat boots, just set it all off!! Cute!!  Now onto hair….. Thank god for Kate…. she has amazing post up for  Not Just a ponytail that is super easy and very very cute! I’m sure y’all are getting tired of hearing about Kate….. but she really is amazing.

I’ve seen this all over
Mostly turned out!! I’m pretty happy with it.

BTW, my Amazing neighbor said….. Yes!!  (I have got to find a pair of theses boots!!)

These boots!!

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