I am so using Pinterest to get dressed today. I have to clean house, do the laundry, (early release day tomorrow.) and I get to have a photo shoot with my Favorite Baby! I’ve been waiting to do his pictures for a bit, he’s 2 months old, so it hasn’t been foorr eevveerr, but still. So today I want something, comfortable, baby friendly, house cleaning friendly, and cute! I think I’ve found it in this pin….


Soon as I get dressed I’ll post my take on it…..

So now I’m dressed….. and it’s “a ok I guess outfit”…. but I’m going with it.

Ok, I lied…. I just could get into it. So I changed,

The scarf was hot…. and it kept getting in my way, and it’s hot…. (whew, it’s hot or is that hot flashes?)

PS….. before I get busy, linking up today with        


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