For the last 15 or so years I’ve had pretty short hair, it’s pin straight and baby fine. I’ve never been real handy with a curling iron, or a blow dryer for that matter. I had Mom, hair. Wash and wear…. chase kid… drive kid….. you know the drill, (or will one day). So now I’m growing out my hair, and have learned different things to do with it, mostly thanks to Kate over at The Small Things Blog. Yes she is a hairdresser, Umm, beauty consultant,( I don’t know what to call her, except if she lived in Texas, I’d do anything to have her do my hair.) The really cool thing about Kate is, that she does her own hair…. in a mirror, with her camera going! It’s easy to do someone elses hair, (for most people) but to do your own, and tell what you’re doing in words I understand!! Amazing. So now I’m getting braver and braver. So today is not what I wore (lime green sleeveless shirt, boot cut jeans and ropers)  but how did I  my hair…..


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