I had a just peachy morning this morning. I got up got Our Little Guy up, all was going well, on time for once, if not a few minutes early, (never happens….. Never!) We get shoes on…. stroll out to the car, climb in,  buckle up….. turn the key…… click, click,click. Then nothing, I get back out hook up the battery charger dealy, can’t find the jump engine  button. Have to call Mr Crazy, I hate having to call him for stuff I know I know how to do. But he tells me which button to hit. So then comes the waiting….. I get Our Little Guy back outta the car, (so much for being on time) Go back in the house to wait. Finally the car starts and it’s hit the road Jack, off we go. I get Our Little Guy to school just a touch late, but nothing that he’ll notice. (hehehe, yep, right!) Decided I’m prolly not going to the gym, (the whole car thing) Did take the long way home, Stopped to help somebody with a flat tire, got her going and let her follow me ( to all those who know me…. I can hear you laughing) to where it was she was going!! (yes, good karma will come) Came home to get dressed, visit today….. So evolution of an outfit…… started with my fav Orange, wound up my with my new fav gray…. with my Orange heels, for a pop. What’d y’all think?

1st with the orange


2nd with the gray
Just the right pop


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