We went shopping yesterday… at the outlet mall! I love the outlet malls, so many stores, never enough time. This time however we had in tow Our Little Guy, and it’s been years, and years since we’ve had a Little Guy to shop with. Mr. Crazy said, Honey, you can go in any store you want…. So off like a jack rabbit I go, straight to Ann Taylor, one of my fav shops!! Nothing…. and I do mean nothing floated my boat. And yes, I did try on a few things… blech. Not good. So outta there I go, and off to The Loft, when, yep, you guess it, my phone rang. The boys are hungry, boohoo, I say can we stop at The Loft, on the way out (ever hopeful) I get much eye rolling and long suffering sighs, needless to say no Loft for me. But the Little Guy scored, new kicks…. which still light up but fit much better, a few more outfits from my favorite kid store O’sh Kosh. Then on the way out we detoured to the Disney store for a Halloween costume. Our Little Guy will be treating as Capt Hook!! It’s soooo cute.  And we pre-ordered Brave!! So all in all a fun day was had by all!

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