I can’t say I’ve ever been the most confidant woman in the world, mostly I bluff my way through. However, I was talking to a very nice lady at the gym yesterday about high heels…. I love them, really really love them. But since moving to central Texas, I have found myself not wearing them very often, I don’t see women here wearing heels like they did in Louisiana. Well, the really nice lady, said to me…. Are you dressing for everybody else… or are you dressing for you?” (light dawns) Of course I said, No, I was dressing for me. But she did make me think about it…. I love my heels so today getting dressed, I based my outfit on my shoes… Gotta love…love…love leopard print heels. Not to mention they make me feel sassy!! Which in turn gives me more confidence. Funny how that works out.

Sassy Shoes!


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