Early Morning Phone Calls

I am now learning to dread the early morning phone calls from my grown children…. I know if my phone rings at say…. 8:00 am, early for them, They are calling me to tell me something horrible….. The Bug’s new car was broken into, and her boyfriends truck stolen outright. 8:00 am phone call. The Biddy Girl, kind of had a new job, that wound up being a scam job, (she got her old job back, whew!!) also a 8:00 am phone call. With tears and much stress. On the upside…. They love me enough to want to share…. and they know I love them enough to listen and not freak out,( to much), to try to help them figure out what to do…. or just let them rant and rave. But I do cringe when my phone rings in the mornings and it’s one of the kids. Bless their little hearts!!

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